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Why is branding important?

Branding stands for brand identity, but it's more than just designing a logo. Your branding determines what your brand and your company stand for, how you communicate with your customers, which tone of voice you use on your social media channels, the colours you use etc. In other words, it's about the positioning of your brand and its identity.

Branding is more than just a logo.

Good branding is interwoven with your brand on all levels. It determines your visual identity through your logo and corporate identity by choosing colours, fonts and layout. Your branding also has an influence in the communication with your (potential) customers. For example, it's important to align your language and tone of voice on social media and in the emails you send, with the target group you're communicating with. Branding determines how you present your products or services. It is important to choose the right visual language. It has to fit in seamlessly with your message. A well-designed branding strategy will support your brand and distinguish it from the competition.

What's your story?

Pure sales pitch hasn't worked for a long time. Consumers want to be sucked into a story that is recognisable to them, an experience or a feeling they can empathise with. A strong and recognisable brand distinguishes itself from the competition by the feeling they convey. As a brand you don't just want to sell your products and services. You want to bind your potential customers to you because of the feeling your brand evokes. That's why the art of branding is to link a feeling to your brand, product and company with which your target group can identify.

When you are also unique, it helps you as a company to be recognisable and to distinguish yourself from the rest. In this way, branding can be a means to put your service or product in the spotlight.

Branding is everywhere.

It is important to invest in the development of a beautiful corporate identity that suits your brand in terms of appearance. This corporate identity is your guide for all your communication channels, from your website, mailings and the graphics on your social media channels, to letterheads, envelopes, advertisements, gadgets. All marketing material should have the same style and design. Also pay attention to the use of your logo, fonts, colours and graphic design. In this way you create an identity for your company that is immediately recognisable.

With a well-designed branding you distinguish your brand from other companies that offer the same service/products. It reinforces the image of your company and clearly shows what your company stands for. If you implement this clearly and consistently, it will create trust and make it recognisable to your customers. So investing in good branding is definitely worth it.

Life is too short to be boring, be different. Are you ready to rebrand your business? Let's talk!

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