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Nowadays it became very difficult for starting brands to hire a PR agency and get their brand out and known in the world. Prices are often sky-high, which aren’t realistic for small brands. Agencies are usually tied to one geographical area, leading to a limited exposure. But above all, brands often have the feeling they are not special amongst the other brands at their press agency.

Dardenne Digital decided to reinvent the conventional way PR agencies work and launches a dedicated and personal approach of working. Making the service of brand visibility more accessible to a variety of brands, Dardenne Digital believes in a fair and straightforward way of working. Offering services such as press relation, brand strategy, digital presence and event styling, brands can choose how much of their work they want to outsource.

Their focus lies with brands who are embracing a digital way of working, adopting the opportunities the web has to offer. These brands can include start-ups, but also brand who have changed from a traditional business model, to a digital business model.

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I was always interested in the world of fashion and luxury when I decided to study Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle Business at Mod'Art International in Paris. During my educational path, I had the opportunity to do many internships in PR at big fashion houses such as Maison Martin Margiela and LVMH. As part of my Master's Degree I went on exchange programs in Macau and Italy, where my passion for travel and International business got even bigger.

After graduating I decided to move to Bahrain with my husband where I had the amazing opportunity to work with a brand that showed at NYFW, called Noon By Noor. 

After freelancing for a while, I began to notice I really enjoyed the work I was doing for these different brands. That's when I decided to start Dardenne Digital, a place where I can help and work with brands all over the world to improve their digital presence.

Today, I take care of all my clients with the same approach I use for my own brands. Working in a small team and only taking on a set number of cases allows us to put all our efforts into reaching the goals for that brand.



Hi, my name is Sara Gavrilovic. I am a student Business Economics at KULeuven and I’m doing my masters in Marketing. During my studies, I’ve had a great desire to learn more from practice. That’s when I decided I wanted to combine my studies with an internship. With a good knowledge of business economics and marketing, an internship at Dardenne Digital was an ideal opportunity to convert my knowledge into practice.

With the goal of one day setting up my own business, I couldn’t think of a better internship to start my journey than at Dardenne Digital. While assisting Virginie and being part of her team, I hope to learn a lot from her and gain experiences that will be useful for my future career.

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